Tuesday, June 7, 2011

so glad i waited this long to post something!

yes, i do realize that the title of this post is extremely long : ) but... i have good reason. soooo i hadn't gotten a very good letter from daniel in oh i don't know 3 weeks and THEN i get one that's a page long. so i was super bummed for all that while, and if i would've posted something it would have been long and boring and maybe even slightly on the negative side. and so i am glad to say that my tendency  to procrastinate has finally paid off!! yay for me : )

hmmm... since my last post a lot more has happened! i have been crazy busy and actually loving life <3 my best friend in the entire world, kimmie, finally moved back to queen creek! she moved to mesa our senior year of high school. we barely got to see each other and i missed her terribly, but now she's back and we are (once again) partners in crime! heck yess : ) in fact, saturday we went to the lake with a bunch of people and had a ton of fun, maybe even too much fun?? i got sunburned, and thought i got it bad... until i saw kimmie's back/shoulders! holy red like a tomato! so no more complaining for me (plus mine already turned into a tan so hah)!

next, my application to BYU is almost complete! i only have to complete the ecclesiastical endorsements (big word!) basically meet with my bishop and then a member of the stake presidency to meet with me and make sure i will live by the honor code : ) silly cause there is nothing that i'll have to change, im livin worthy lol so i have a meeting tomorrow with my bishop after work... which brings me to (drummmm rollllll please)......

I GOT A JOB!!!!!! okay so yes i was already doing respite care with my brother shane, and now i am doing respite work with a little girl. her name is Malia and she is an absolute angel on this earth! seriously i don't think i could love work any more than i do, it is completely and absolutely perfect for me! so she is 6 years old and has autism and ADHD. i have been working with her now for a couple of weeks and let me tell you she took to me within the first like 10 minutes! i am already like part of the family. there are 3 girls and 1 boy : ) i love Love LOVE my job, and that is something i would never say, but i honestly do!

so what else has been going on? mmmm not much, its summer and other than work i am just relaxing! its amazing : D OH i almost forgot... my family and i are going to california next week!! so more to come soon! : ) lots of love! oh and 161 days today <3

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  1. Lauren :) you are the greatest! I am so glad that you love your job! I wish the very best for you with your BYU application! And basically. i just love blog stalking you! keep writing! love ya girly! :)