Saturday, April 30, 2011

carnival, cotton candy, cuties & kimmie : )

how do i even begin today's wonderful amazingness?? well i'll start with i woke up and went to service learning! today was my last day there, and i'm gonna miss those kiddies sooo much! what sweet little angels they are!! Shane and i got paradise bakery for lunch... Mmmm-mmmm-mmmm! (chicken-walnut sandwich? yes!) ... and a chocolate chip cookie. i really shouldn't have eaten that, and half of shaner's too : / well i was hungry lol... so it's really okay (whatever helps me sleep at night, right).

anyways, those kiddos in my service learning classroom LOVE me soooo much. i got about a million hugs today, and one little girl Parys (like as in france) she wanted me to sit right by her ALL day, and she had me hold her hand everywhere we went : ) so precious <3

so i got home and just chilled for a bit. watched michael's last episode in the office. yes i did almost cry when jim was saying goodbye. it was sad, but definitely not a disappointing ending. i really tried to get ash to let me do a trial on her prom hair, she said no! rude?? nope, just grumpy

so dinner, and then kimmie came over!!! my best frann!! i love her, we have some good times together and let me tell you when we laugh it is most likely the loudest thing you'll ever hear... and we harmonize... but never on purpose, it just kinda happens lol. so she came over and we got all dolled up for the YSA (young single adult) CaRnIvAl!! *we're goin to tha carnival, goin to tha carnival going to the carni-UGH* (in case you didn't know, that is patrick on spongebob squarepants, when he's singing, and trips hahahaha) it wasn't reallllly a carnival, cause there was no ferris wheel, or merry-go-round. but it was still fun! we just talked to a TON of random people, and i was introduced to probably 54 people who's names i will never remember. but that's okay cause i'll most likely never see any of them again : ) plus i'm not looking for any single people at the moment. i'm taken! and i'm glad!

well on the way home, we weren't quite done partying... at all of the red lights, kimmie and i jumped out of the car and danced to our jams lol. we had a lot of fun bumpin' it in front of some old people who didn't know what in the heck wa going on : ) oh good times. Then me, kimmie, and emily ellsworth, who i do adore (no pun intended... okay maybe jut a little one) : ) all went to wal-mart to get ice-cream. well. while we are walking in, i stop in the middle of the street cause something was in my pants BITING ME!!! i had to get it out so eventually i made my way to behind one of the pillars... yeah someone was definitely behind it already and totally saw me. embarrassing much? yes, i should say so!but we successfully attained our delicious sweets and ice cream! yummm!
then we went all the way to emily's house where we looked at her senior scrapbook! oh i remember those days well. a stressful, time-consuming, and totally amazing and worthwhile project! i love to see the things i wrote and how i've changed in a year. wow i've been graduated for almost an entire YEAR!! that is absolutely weird and time has just flown by. i miss it sometimes. then again i don't : )

so i am up WAYY too late, once again. and it is now 123 days countdown... 607 days to go if he is out for exactly two years. time is flyin... and for once i'm grateful for that!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Spin : )

well! what a blissful day i had today... alright, it was okay : ) lol i woke up early for school and finished my homework at the library, and ended up missing half of my english 102 class (not a big deal, i have an A)! then jazz history, exceptional learners (SpEd class), and communications (public speaking), just the usual school day : ) except a couple of things... i got a papercut from CARDSTOCK! do you know how bad that hurts?? REALLY badly!! so i'm learning what it's like to live with a disability lol : ) i'm just kidding, but seriously i never noticed how much i use my ring finger... but on my right hand... you know the only one by the pinky. well i use it a LOT and have to work around it now lol *my finger has a heartbeat* know that it is so nice to get compliments! if you don't know how nice it is, then let me know and i'll compliment you so you do! it is a wonderful thing. thank you lovely peers for approving of my presentation in class last week, great feedback!

then i got home and i played piano for a really long time and i sang : ) that felt good, i haven't done it in such a long time! well it was only a couple of hours later i started to wonder where my family could be. dad and shane were here, but no ash and no mom. they went prom dress shopping without me : ( sad day. but... the dress she got i beautiful!!!! it's black and kind of a cross between an a-line and a mermaid style. it has rouging around the entire waist, pick-ups at the bottom, and a flower with a gorgeous crystal rhinestone thingy at the hip. she looks stunning. and guess who gets to do her hair... ME!! <3 this is the dress, only it's black and she'll have a cover over it : )
so why is the post titled spin?? i'm gonna tell you! i went to my very first spinning class at the gym today with one of my friends, courtney! it was amazing! seriously i would definitely recommend it, it's an awesome workout. so after that i got home and watched American Idol. WHY oh WHY would america vote off casey abrhams? it's unforgivable what has happened. i am in love with his voice BUT haley is still in there :  maybe someone with talent will win this year! so after that disaster, i HAD to go get me some Yogurt Jungle : ) yeah it did make me feel a little better hahahaha!

now it is time for bed! i will have a lot to tell you all tomorrow cause i have a big day ahead of me : )

p.s. it's been 122 days since daniel left, and today is the 4 month mark!! 20 more to go... i'm 1/6 of the way done! HOORAY.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

my blog!!

oh goodness! i am soooooo excited to start my blog : ) it is going to be just aweome! but i have one problem... the "s" button on my keyboard sticks, so recently i've had a lot of typos, which is ironic because i HATE grammar errors. so bear with me if there are a few, as soon as i get the "s" fixed, i can promise (almost) perfect grammar : )

well today has been quite a successful day (cough cough) woke up to breakfast made by my daddy... how sweet of him! alright i worked with my brother Shane for like 3 hours, doing respite care with him... that's productive right?? OH! i also helped ash, my lil sis answer a boy to PROM!! how exciting! so here's what we did :

shredded up probably about a million pages of newspaper and spread it ALL over his room! there was a poster that read "Breaking News! local boy tyler asks ashley to prom! her reponse?? search through the nearest newspaper to find out!" CUTE right?? yeah i thought so too! darn we should've taken pictures. oh well. haha i didn't even get to the best part yet! we got sequin confetti and threw that all over the floor... and on his fan! he'll think the mess is all cleaned up, and then when he turns it on it'll be a whole new disaster (shhhh he can't know) : )

hmmm... next! i went to the gym with ash... okay it was only for like 50 minutes or so, but i have an excuse! (and it' a good one too) i had one of my very best friends kimmie over last night. we ended up having a sleepover and staying up 'til like 2 in the morning. needless to say, i'm pooped! but it was well worth it! then after the gym, well that one is kind of obvious! i made THIS!! it was surprisingly difficult and has taken up most of my night... and i'm supposed to be doing homework (hahaha)! oh well, looks like it's gonna be another late night : )

but wait, that's the good thing about college; i only have school on tuedays and thurdays. so if i am running on like 3 hours of sleep, it's totally not a big deal! thus explaining my procrastination... every single week lol

so i've been doing really well with daniel being gone, today was definitely one of my better days : ) i miss him, but i wouldn't have him anywhere other than on a mission in Louisville, KY... well technically he's in Elizabethtown right now : ) he is serving the Lord and doing an amazing job of working through the Spirit from what he tells me in his letters!

well i think that's good for tonight! i've got a long day ahead of me.... maybe i'll pull an all nighter! Mmmm on second thought i might not lol