Monday, August 15, 2011

temple trips, friends... and an indian??

so pretty much these past few weeks have been crazy and i am gonna lose my mind! erin henderson surprised a couple weeks ago and came to my house : ) we were just talking on the phone... and sneaky little girl lied to me and told me she was at work! then there is a knock on the door and next thing i know erin is standing behind me watching me cook dinner (creeper) lol! such an amazing surprise : ) it seriously made my day!

then kimmie and i went to the temple! i love to see the temple!! we went and did baptisms at like 6 in the morning and it was such a good idea <3 we got to spend some much needed time together and just talk! so it's true... kimmie left for school about a week ago and i am going loopy without her here! : / but i am SO happy for her and know that EA (engaged already ; ) is exactly where she needs to be! <3

then there is morgan bagley... YAY she's HOME!! i didn't even realize how much i missed that crazy girl! we went to the mall a couple days ago and finally found bridesmaid dresses! and... i get to make flower belts for them! we are gonna look so hot : ) lol

ok so you are probably wondering what in the heck the indian thing is all about? well... let me just tell you! Malia's older sisters Timbrlee (11) and Breckell (8) and all of their little friends decided to do a little play/movie! it is pretty adorable, and i will admit that i helped them write it so i'm not a complete victim when i say...they made ME be the bad guy... an indian! hahaha sooo funny and so unfair! so on Saturday morning i woke up at 6:30 (did i mention it was saturday. and you are supposed to sleep in on saturdays) and got all dressed up in my indian gear... braided pigtails and all... and filmed The Adventures of Candy State 2 with the girlies! it was fun, and when stacee (malia's mom) is done editing it and everything, i will humiliate myself and post it so you can all laugh at me and my horrendous acting : ) ok i only had  lines and couldn't remember them for the life of me! this is my life... oh goodness lol

OH! how could i forget! i definitely did my auditions!ask me if i did soo well (not to brag or anything) but i totally did! i was SO nervous going into it, i was making myself sick! but it ended up being excellent, with a lot of praying! and so i got into all of the music classes i wanted and more : ) yay

well that is my repetitive and slightly boring life! but i love it... oh and today is day 230! : ) time is moving quickly for once! <3