Tuesday, July 26, 2011

the kind of news thats kinda huge!!

so yes , i do realize that it has been an extremely long time since i last posted something! i really need to be more diligent (if i'm this bad during the summer, i'm gonna be horrible during school!)


 i finished my application to BYU today... : / i am sooo nervous, but completely excited at the same time! keep your fingers crossed for me! : ) so there's that. also regarding school (gag me) i have to sing two songs to audition for cgcc's choir and theory classes...really? i feel pathetic, and i am actually nervous!

anyways, this month has been full of work work work!! i am soo tired all of the time, OH especially since i started a diet! my entire family decided it was time to actually be skinny people instead of the usual pleasantly plump lol ; ) so we have been going fr 2 weeks now, and i am not proud to say that i have cheated alot! and haven't lost hahaha... but it was my birthday on the 15th, so i have kind of an excuse... right?? speaking of my birthday....

You wonder what i did? weeellllll, only the coolest thing anyone could ever do on their birthday... me and kimmie and nikki and rachelle all went to see Harry Potter 7 part 2 at midnight, and once again the entire theater sang to me at midnight!! cool beans right?!? sooo much fun! i may have even merged in with the front of the line and gotten seats behind the rail with people who had waited in line since 8 o'clock that morning... but just maybe ; ) do i feel guilty?? not one bit... it's my birthday and i'll cut if i want to right?? lol so needless to say, we got AH-mazing seats because of me and the movie was soooo incredibly, well, incredible! i love HP.

what else happened this month that is big news... oh yeah... yet another one of my very good friends got ENGAGED!?!?!?! yes its true chelsea duke is next. first lyndsey then sam now morgan and chelsea...! insanity! if kimmie goes and gets married on me i think i'll die. no one else can get married or engaged until i only have like a couple weeks left of waiting... its killing me lol But i am soooo happy for all of them.

oh wait there is one more thing.... my sister is PREGNANT!!!! yes you read it right, try looking at it any way you want to, she really is preggers! 2 months and 1 day actually... and yes i was the first to know : ) so i am thrilled for her and jordan, and i'm gonna be auntie lauren! maybe we can think of a cuter name for me lol

next item of business, i got to watch a video of Daniel!!!! one of the ward members is an absolute God-send and was nifty enough to record him just before his first transfer, send it to daniel's mom, who sent it out to me! seriously best birthday present i could have ever gotten... EVER!!!! he is still soooo attractive, and just so sweet and still sounds exactly like himself, and looks like such a little... ok, HUGE missionary! i love Love LOVE him <3 oh i seriously watched that 36 second video like 100 million times, and bawled when i heard his voice : ) yes i may be pathetic, but i'm in love! today is 210 days! i cant believe we've passed the 200 mark. that is so crazy (both slow and fast at the same time, it's weird). ah i love him alot!

p.s. my sister has like 9 girls over for a sleepover/ last-ditch effort to party before school starts in a day! they are sooo loud and giggly... was i really like this in high school?? naaaw couldn't have been : ) i'm never gonna get to sleep lol