Monday, May 9, 2011

i'm back! and ready for change :)

well hello again! i'm sorry i haven't written in a while- life has been absolutely CRAZY!!!! so to make a very long story short, i'm considering making some pretty drastic changes in life : ) i'm excited and ready to move on with life... sooooo i'm applying to BYU right now! my parents don't know yet, in fact almost nobody really knows... i don't wanna make a big deal, and i especially don't want the mom and dad to say "we told you so!" so everyone (if anyone even reads this lol) keep it on the down LOW! please and thank you.
finals are coming up this week and i'm feeling pretty confident! which is saying something! every class i'm taking i have an A or B. the only final i am somewhat nervous about is MHL145- Jazz history... MAN that class has been a doozy (is that how you spell it??) its one of those classes where you think you understand everything really well, and then the tests come and it looks like you're reading Chinese... if you can't read Chinese of course : ) so i'm studying and hoping for the best! my special ed. class is gonna be a breeze! i have like a 94% in that class, and i know the material really well : ) so funny to say... i'm excited for that final! public speaking will be easy, as well as english 102! so after May 12, 2011 i have summer break and no school to worry about for a while.

so what will i be doing this summer. PARTYING, that goes without saying! : ) hahaha WORKING really hard to save up money for school, a car, and rent up in provo! then LOSING WEIGHT! this last week has been terrible! i didn't go to the gym at all! : / i think i have an excuse, its coming up to finals week and the professors have been piling on the work! i feel wayy overloaded, but i can make it through! so gym everyday except sundays of course, and 20 pounds lighter before the BYU Winter 2012 semester begins : )

Well that's all i have to report today! if i go into more detail, i think we'll all get bored out of our minds! : )

OH! one last thing, daniel is doing amazing! i didn't get to talk to him yesterday for Mother's Day, but that's ok; his family said he is doing really well , and they got to skype him! JEALOUS!!!! well, i'm off to finish applying : ) wish me luck..

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  1. Um.. hello adorable! Im glad I sometimes fb stalk you so I can find things out about you.. like you have a blog! I totally think you should go to BYU! Im actually jealous if you did ;) It's something I wish I would have done! Love you and your cute blog!