Saturday, January 28, 2012

hi... : )

soooo. . . it's only been what like 5 months? . . . more . . . oops, my bad! but hey i'm finally back : )

my life has been very productive recently! (cough cough) okay, so not that productive. i have been so stinkin sick!! : ( which is no good when you're a music major and have to sing, ALL THE TIME! but i'm getting better. i think if i at least keep telling myself that, i actually will. with plenty of rest and lots of movies that is.

well . . . coly is due in 37 (almost 36) days!! we found out it's going to be a little girl, and they are naming her michelle (after my mom) and her middle name will be celeste (his mom's middle name)! we are MORE than excited for this bundle of joy. and may i just mention that i am completely broke because of this child. i have already bought so many things! plus {i get to plan the shower}!!!! i am in crazy mode making all sorts of crafts already! my disaster of a room smells like modge podge, paint, and hobby lobby : ) haha

so i'll have to post pictures of the event <3 but only if it ends up looking as good as i hope it will (can't have my name on anything that's not cute lol)

two weeks ago i started my last semester at CGCC and drum roll please . . . . . i get my ASSOCIATES!! i am so excited to be done! although i don't know what the future holds, i am excited for it... but mostly that i will be done with school for a little : ) let's see i'm taking 17 credits. . . music history literature, voice lessons, piano 3, music theory 2, aural perception 2, choir and astronomy! i really enjoy my classes this semester, they are fun for the most part, and extremely interesting! i learning to like to learn . . . . if that makes any sense at all!

well it's a new year, and i am so excited for what it will bring! fingers crossed that i didn't just jinx myself ; )

it's never too late to be the person i'm meant to be! <3

{day 396}