Friday, April 29, 2011

Spin : )

well! what a blissful day i had today... alright, it was okay : ) lol i woke up early for school and finished my homework at the library, and ended up missing half of my english 102 class (not a big deal, i have an A)! then jazz history, exceptional learners (SpEd class), and communications (public speaking), just the usual school day : ) except a couple of things... i got a papercut from CARDSTOCK! do you know how bad that hurts?? REALLY badly!! so i'm learning what it's like to live with a disability lol : ) i'm just kidding, but seriously i never noticed how much i use my ring finger... but on my right hand... you know the only one by the pinky. well i use it a LOT and have to work around it now lol *my finger has a heartbeat* know that it is so nice to get compliments! if you don't know how nice it is, then let me know and i'll compliment you so you do! it is a wonderful thing. thank you lovely peers for approving of my presentation in class last week, great feedback!

then i got home and i played piano for a really long time and i sang : ) that felt good, i haven't done it in such a long time! well it was only a couple of hours later i started to wonder where my family could be. dad and shane were here, but no ash and no mom. they went prom dress shopping without me : ( sad day. but... the dress she got i beautiful!!!! it's black and kind of a cross between an a-line and a mermaid style. it has rouging around the entire waist, pick-ups at the bottom, and a flower with a gorgeous crystal rhinestone thingy at the hip. she looks stunning. and guess who gets to do her hair... ME!! <3 this is the dress, only it's black and she'll have a cover over it : )
so why is the post titled spin?? i'm gonna tell you! i went to my very first spinning class at the gym today with one of my friends, courtney! it was amazing! seriously i would definitely recommend it, it's an awesome workout. so after that i got home and watched American Idol. WHY oh WHY would america vote off casey abrhams? it's unforgivable what has happened. i am in love with his voice BUT haley is still in there :  maybe someone with talent will win this year! so after that disaster, i HAD to go get me some Yogurt Jungle : ) yeah it did make me feel a little better hahahaha!

now it is time for bed! i will have a lot to tell you all tomorrow cause i have a big day ahead of me : )

p.s. it's been 122 days since daniel left, and today is the 4 month mark!! 20 more to go... i'm 1/6 of the way done! HOORAY.

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