Wednesday, April 27, 2011

my blog!!

oh goodness! i am soooooo excited to start my blog : ) it is going to be just aweome! but i have one problem... the "s" button on my keyboard sticks, so recently i've had a lot of typos, which is ironic because i HATE grammar errors. so bear with me if there are a few, as soon as i get the "s" fixed, i can promise (almost) perfect grammar : )

well today has been quite a successful day (cough cough) woke up to breakfast made by my daddy... how sweet of him! alright i worked with my brother Shane for like 3 hours, doing respite care with him... that's productive right?? OH! i also helped ash, my lil sis answer a boy to PROM!! how exciting! so here's what we did :

shredded up probably about a million pages of newspaper and spread it ALL over his room! there was a poster that read "Breaking News! local boy tyler asks ashley to prom! her reponse?? search through the nearest newspaper to find out!" CUTE right?? yeah i thought so too! darn we should've taken pictures. oh well. haha i didn't even get to the best part yet! we got sequin confetti and threw that all over the floor... and on his fan! he'll think the mess is all cleaned up, and then when he turns it on it'll be a whole new disaster (shhhh he can't know) : )

hmmm... next! i went to the gym with ash... okay it was only for like 50 minutes or so, but i have an excuse! (and it' a good one too) i had one of my very best friends kimmie over last night. we ended up having a sleepover and staying up 'til like 2 in the morning. needless to say, i'm pooped! but it was well worth it! then after the gym, well that one is kind of obvious! i made THIS!! it was surprisingly difficult and has taken up most of my night... and i'm supposed to be doing homework (hahaha)! oh well, looks like it's gonna be another late night : )

but wait, that's the good thing about college; i only have school on tuedays and thurdays. so if i am running on like 3 hours of sleep, it's totally not a big deal! thus explaining my procrastination... every single week lol

so i've been doing really well with daniel being gone, today was definitely one of my better days : ) i miss him, but i wouldn't have him anywhere other than on a mission in Louisville, KY... well technically he's in Elizabethtown right now : ) he is serving the Lord and doing an amazing job of working through the Spirit from what he tells me in his letters!

well i think that's good for tonight! i've got a long day ahead of me.... maybe i'll pull an all nighter! Mmmm on second thought i might not lol


  1. Glad to see someone else blogging now!
    The only thing I would recomend is a change in font. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the writing, but the cursive does make it hard to read (that might just have to due with my poor eyesight).
    Anyways, Happy Blogging. :)

  2. Cool, Lauren! I like to read other people's blogs, but can't seem to find a good name to start one of my own. (I'm keeping that as my excuse.) I just watched the movie Elizabethtown again the other night on Netflix. Funny. Did you know that it's pronounced Loo-a-ville?

  3. Katie i changed it : ) i was thinking that the font may be a little bit hard to read too! but it was just so dang cute lol! oh well, this font is cute too and easier to read... which is the whole point of a blog, to read right? so thanks for letting me know!
    Ehmke's!! oh we miss you here in arizona! and ya know that's a great excuse : ) hahaha you'll figure something out and then have to start your own blog : ) oh and i've never seen Elizabethtown. now that's on my to do list! Loo-a-ville?? haha thats funny, i'm gonna have to tell daniel. miss you all! tell the family hi for me <3